Advanced Cyclic Corrosion

Advanced Cyclic Corrosion

Compact and highly sophisticated front and top loading Test Chambers for Advanced Cyclic Corrosion Tests including Climate Tests – ClimaCORR®. The chambers are pursuant to the corporate standards of the international automotive industry such as Nissan CCT1 and Renault ECC1.

The VLM ClimaCORR® test chambers regulate both humidity and temperature very accurately. Due to their unique design these chambers can perform any standard corrosion test and can be programmed for any customized test.

All ClimaCORR® test chambers are equipped with the hi-end Beckhoff PLC controller.

  • Salt Spray,  Water Condensation, CWC system from- 40°C  to +80°C
  • Regulated Humidity 10% -98% RH
  • 9 different sensors are monitoring all relevant test parameters


Condensation chambers

Cyclic Corrosion Tests (CCT)

Kesternich (SO2) chambers

Salt spray chambers

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