C100HT Biologics Analyzer

C100HT Biologics Analyzer

The Glycan Screening Solution that Lets You Analyze Hundreds of Samples Per Day
When labs want to simplify the challenges of glycan analysis and identification, they can turn to SCIEX for our C100HT Biologics Analyzer ( C100HT ). Although screening and identification has traditionally been considered difficult at best, the C100HT glycan screening technology makes it possible for labs to not only process large sample sets, but accelerate data analysis so you can make decisions on clone selection and cell line optimization in real-time.

By combining the power of the C100HT with our specialized glycan kit, today's lab can screen large numbers of samples and acquire better information–faster than ever. Use the C100HT throughput and mobility for effective real-time cell culture optimization and rapid clone selection and get ready to increase your glycan analysis throughput with confidence and ease. This award-winning glycan screening technology is easy to learn, and fast to implement.


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