Condensation chambers

Condensation chambers

Compact and easy to operate test chambers from VLM that are designed for conducting Constant Humidity (CH) and alternating temperature/humidity corrosion tests (AT, AHT) pursuant to the most common international corrosion test standards DIN EN ISO 6270-2:2005, ASTM D2247 and BS 3900 F2, BS 3900 F15 and many others.

Test chamber with the bottom made of steel provides better energy efficiency, easier maintenance and longer life cycle.

  • Cost effective solution for basic water condensation corrosion tests (CH, AT, AHT).
  • Best reproducibility of temperature & climatic conditions with patented Controlled Water Condensation system.
  • User friendly control system with preconfigured test parameters.


Advanced Cyclic Corrosion

Cyclic Corrosion Tests (CCT)

Kesternich (SO2) chambers

Salt spray chambers

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