Cyclic Corrosion Tests (CCT)

Cyclic Corrosion Tests (CCT)

The CCT type of test chambers comes with both front loading and top loading is developed to conduct automated, cyclic corrosion tests pursuant to the major corporate test standards developed by the international automotive industry. Standards like: DIN EN ISO 11997-1:2006 CYCLE B (VDA 621-415), VW PV 1210 (climate module required) and GMW 14872.  

These test chambers can also perform standard Salt Spray test according to ISO 9227 and Water Condensation tests (CH, AT AHT) according to ISO 6270-2.

  • Operates from ambient up to +60°C  
  • Advanced steel design allows fast temperature and humidity transient times
  • The patented VLM technology for best possible reproducibility


Advanced Cyclic Corrosion

Condensation chambers

Kesternich (SO2) chambers

Salt spray chambers

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