DVS Endeavour

DVS Endeavour

A key feature of DVS Endeavour is the ability to precisely control and measure temperature and relative humidity while simultaneously recording the highest resolution changes in mass on up to 5 samples. Additionally Organic vapor partial pressures can now be directly measured using Surface Measurement Systems' Ultrasonic sensor (patent pending). In a typical experiment a known concentration of water vapor or organic vapor is delivered over a sample placed inside the sample pan. The sample pan is connected to the Surface Measurement Systems Ultrabalance™ measuring real-time mass changes caused by sorption or desorption of water and/or organic molecules.

  • Simultaneous 5X sample measurement
  • Organic and Water vapor sorption kinetics
  • Organic vapor sorption in a fixed RH background
  • Real time partial pressure measurement and control
  • Water vapor sorption isotherms from 5 to 85 oC
  • Organic vapor sorption isotherms from 5 to 50 oC
  • In-situ drying of samples to 300oC
  • Optional Color Video Microscopy/Fiber Optic Probe Spectroscopy
  • True0™ drying at 0.0% RH



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