Genetic Analysis System

Genetic Analysis System

GeXP - All applications on a single instrument with only one array and one gel

The GenomeLab GeXP supports the broadest spectrum of DNA applications on a CE instrument, including DNA sequencing and fragment analysis. As the only instrument in the market it offers the flexibility for multiplex Gene Expression Analysis studies. It provides you data from more than 30 genes in a single reaction and collects 5800 data points per day for a further analysis.

  • Sequencing: Plasmid; PCR product, re-sequencing, confirmatory sequencing, mutation/heterozygote detection, microbial ID by 16s sequencing and more
  • Fragment Analysis: STR, MLPA, Ribotyping, SSR, AFLP, T-RFLP, MLVA, SNP, LOH, mutiplex Pathogen or Virus detection and more
  • Gene expression profiling: get expression data for more than 30 genes from a single reaction starting with only a few ng of total RNA


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