HiTec Zang products

HiTec Zang products

HiTec Zang offers solutions within:

Plant Construction
HiTec Zang plant construction plans and constructs customized laboratory reactor systems in close collaboration with the end user, relying on a proven selection of standard reactor systems.

Fermentation Technique
For the biotechnology sector HiTec Zang offers sophisticated solutions for the Up-Stream range in laboratory scale.

Laboratory Automation compact and flexible
The flexibility, the scope of services and the use of a LabManager system reach far beyond this basic configuration of laboratory automation.

Software for Automation and Analysis
HiTec Zang software system covers the whole range of automation in your labratory, miniplant and technical school. Starting at SCADA and process control software, up to the automated analysis and presentation of gathered test data. Self-explanatory representation and intuitive handling.

Liquid Handling Systems
Liquid handling applications are difficult and time-consuming when carried out manually. Liquid handling processes may be carried out efficiently and precisely using the AutoSam™ and SciBot™ liquid handlers and the amount of work required thus considerably reduced.

Dosing Pumps, Dispenser and Pumps
Pumps play an important part in laboratories and pilot plants, as they have to perform such diverse tasks as feeding, circulating, filling, recycling, sampling or dosing to an exact volume, working with material flows through a broad range and across a wide viscosity range, additionally with solid matter or emulsions.

Laboratory Apparatus
Laboratory devices and components which are optimally suited for HiTec Zang automation systems and the fields of application laboratory, pilot plant and miniplant.

Probes & Sensors
Probes and sensors which are required for the instrumentation. All sensors and probes are suited for applications with HiTec Zang automation devices and the application areas laboratory, pilot-plant and mini-plant.


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