Stable Isotope Analysis

Stable Isotope Analysis

Stable isotope ratio mass spectrometry (IRMS) is a useful technique with a broad range of applications. This relatively simple, yet amazingly powerful technology brings ever deeper understanding to areas from paleoclimate studies to police forensics, archaeology to aquatic ecosystems, sports doping to soil science and many stops in-between. With such diverse applications areas, we support a complete portfolio of equipment to support you with your research, no matter which application you are focused on. 



  • isoprime visION Solutions
  • isoprime precisION
  • IRMS Software
  • EA Inlets
  • Chromatography Inlets
  • Headspace Analysis
  • Dual Inlet Analysis



Inorganic Elemental Analysis

N/Protein Analysis

Organic Elemental Analysis

TOC & Water Analysis

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