SMX Small molecule X-ray

SMX Small molecule X-ray

Rigaku offers state-of-the-art in a chemical crystallography system with the DECTRIS PILATUS 200K hybrid pixel array detector (HPAD), the very same technology CERN used to detect the putative Higgs boson. XtaLaB P200 is the perfect choice of X-ray diffractometer for both day-to-day routine crystal structure determinations and the more challenging high-resolution electron density studies.
  • Choice of goniometer, 4-circle κ, 4-circle partial-χ, 3-circle fixed-χ
  • Choice of X-ray sources, 3 kW sealed tube, Microfocus seal tube, 1.2 kW microfocus rotating anode, 5.4 kW rotating anode, 2.97 kW microfocus rotating anode
  • Choice of radiation, Molybdenum, Copper


X-ray diffraction (XRD)

X-ray fluorescence (XRF)

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